Whether you are getting divorced or are looking to revise the terms of a previous custody agreement due to life changes or other circumstances, there are a few things that you should know about the family law process.

Consider the following aspects of child custody.

Custody Types

There are four custody types that are generally used: (1) Joint: Both parents share custody, (2) Sole: One parent retains all custodial rights, (3) Physical: Living with a child and managing every day affairs, (4) Legal: Having the right to make important decisions for the child.

Obtaining Custody

Custody is commonly determined in family court. Mediation is usually required in an effort for both parties to come to a mutual agreement. f this cannot be achieved the judge may make a decision for the family. A knowledgeable child custody lawyer can aid in this process.

common Custody Issues

In custody cases these two issues commonly occur: (1) A parent keeping a child when it's not his or her turn, (2) A parent claiming a child on taxes when it has been agreed that the other parent would do so. In such cases, a modification to the custody agreement may be needed.

Determining and obtaining child custody is an important matter. Make sure that you understand the process and have proper support. For more information and a consultation on your case, contact a local Grapevine, TX family law attorney.